The Instructor

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That's me, I'm Paul.


The trouble with large companies, you the pupil become just a number just another pupil moved from one instructor to another.

Not with this company, SKILLS DRIVER TRAINING sounds like a large faceless business, but in actual fact I am the one and only instructor, so you are assured of my help from your first lesson all the way through to that joyful day when you pass your driving test. Believe you me I will be the second most happy person on that day when you achieve your well earned success.

I formed SKILLS DRIVER TRAINING nearly 19 years ago and if you ask around it won't be long before you have heard of somebody who passed with the help of SKILLS DRIVER TRAINING. It's not surprising, hundreds of people of varying abilities have reached their ultimate goal during this time.

The feedback from these people are that I transfer my knowledge through structured lessons professionally to suit you, friendly with patience but always trying to motivate you on, higher and higher to the standards required.

Well what are you waiting for, join the other hundreds of successful people all with their own individual stories of how they passed with guidance from Paul at SKILLS DRIVER TRAINING.

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